My services

Self healing may be a deeply painful yet an incredibly rewarding process

The tools I offer will enhance your senses of perception, sharpen your intuition, help you relinquish control and clear the obscured mind from obstacles.

  • single session 60 min 
  • package of consecutive series of 4, each for 60 min

Reiki may be done using a light & non invasive, static touch by the practitioner placing and holding their hands over a series of energetic centres on the head, front and back of the torso. The practitioner can also hold their hands a few inches away from the client’s body, if this request is communicated. Both techniques are equally powerful and effective. Physical contact is completely optional, depending on the client’s personal preference which is respected at all times.

Reiki is performed on a recipient fully clothed in a reclined position, in a relaxed setting. 

It’s advised to wear loose fitting and soft fabric clothing to help you feel more comfortable.

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  • bespoke set of breath work
  • Pranayama techniques
  • meditation guidance & relaxation
  • 60 min classes
  1. Ashtanga Primary Series

    Ashtanga Primary Series is considered one of the most dynamic, physically demanding practice focusing on building endurance, strength & flexibility. Suitable for more experienced practitioners familiar with the 5 traditional elements including asana (specialised sequencing), bandhas (internal energy locks), drishti (gaze point), ujiayi breath (breathing with sound) and vinyasa (synchronised breath and movement).

  2. Modified Ashtanga Vinyasa

    Modified Ashtanga Vinyasabest suited for beginners and yoga enthusiasts in general

  3. Dharma Yoga

    Dharma Yoga is a devotional practice, challenging the student on both physical and mental levels. This style can easily be adjusted to the level of the student’s abilities and needs

  4. Gentle Flow Yoga

    Gentle Flow Yoga
    helps to relax & unwind, release muscle tension, activates the parasympathetic nervous system, reduces cortisol stress hormones and improves quality of sleep

Classes are tailored to each individual’s needs and health conditions at the time of the practice.

Detailed description of my services is here.

Although immersing yourself and constantly operating in a highly stressful, demanding and competitive environment may deliver astonishing career results and fulfil your ambitions – the aggressive, sharp energy that prevails in that kind of environment may potentially lead to a severe burnout and anxiety, continuous insomnia, acute stress, current addictions spiralling out of control and irritability by accumulating in the physical body attacking and dominating over the central nervous system.

That’s why energy work involving Reiki, Pranayama, gentle movement other relaxation techniques are crucial to get the stale and stagnant energy moving and circulating more freely around the physical body.

The vast majority of my clients work in a highly competitive, stressful and long hours corporate environment, sometimes leaving them deprived of a fundamental human need for self care on a basic physical, emotional and spiritual levels.

Every individual’s case is different and unique, meaning there will be no session that is exactly the same, although I tend to work using a specific framework to maintain structure and guidelines in place.

It’s common for a person to be struggling with a particular issue, however after the initial in-depth diagnostics it becomes apparent that the area affected most is usually ignored, blocked out/numbed by addictive substances or suppressed to avoid emotional pain and suffering.

Therefore I would encourage and appreciate you keeping an open mind and giving permission to allow for the root of the problem to be revealed fully. This open and receptive state requires us to be vulnerable and trusting, and this when we need it most, to help us be seen just as we all truly are – perfect and wholehearted human beings.

It’s very important to understand that energy work requires a great amount of dedication, focus and willingness to receive and internally agree with the healing process taking place during the session. It’s also crucial to remember that there is no magical cure for all and sometimes things may take longer than expected to integrate and truly manifest in life.

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If any of the above resonates with you, please do get in touch. I’ll do my best to answer all your questions.

    Please do not use the information on this website as a treatment plan to cure yourself of an illness or chronic disease which should be treated under the supervision of a medical professional. I also reserve the right to discontinue private online sessions if I have a valid reason to believe the intentions of the participant do to stem from the sincere or authentic nature of intent.