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My name is Yulia and I practice intuitive energetic healing. 

Having always been drawn to the alternative, immeasurable and natural ways of living life, as well as alleviating any disease on a physical, mental or emotional level. Being fascinated and pursuing my interests in the subtle body, human energetic anatomy, psyche and consciousness therefore can truly say that my calling has found me.

My holistic approach is based on authentic energy healing tools, as well compassion, acceptance and kindness. I find that this way of working facilitates a process of profound healing and putting the fragmented pieces of one’s self back together.

I personally find that by helping others with similar mental and emotional issues to my own or difficult past traumas helps me to climb the spiritual healing ladder and raise the vibrational frequency. By serving others unconditionally I’ve had some powerful insights and realisations on multidimensional scale.

Yulia Kravtsova

intuitive energy healer

Safe and non-judgmental space

Safe and non-judgmental space

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Go at your own pace

Go at your own pace

I come from a family of natural born healers and clairvoyant energy workers. The female lineage of our family comes from the Altai Republic in Siberia where Shamanic culture and energy healing rituals are common and sometimes get passed on within the family bloodline. I was introduced and had my unofficial initiation quite early on in my life, which has reaffirmed my strong connection to the spirit world and energy work.

I specialise in Reiki healing, Pranayama breathing techniques creating bespoke wellness packages to enhance one’s overall emotional, mental and physical health.

My sincere devotion, continuous in depth studies and acknowledgement of the Divine essence living at the very core of every human being leads me to believe in a powerful, positive and truly miraculous effect spiritual healing brings.

Take a step towards self-healing and inner transformation

I am delighted to meet you at whatever stage of your journey or life transition you’re currently facing. All levels of experience, age groups, work status, gender fluidity and personal beliefs are welcome.